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Website Templates v Professional Web Design

In recent years online choices expanded exponentially and many services, such as web design of  are now done by individuals due to higher quality website templates anddo-it-yourself software. Website templates are a seemingly easier, faster initially, and offer lower up-front cost compared to a professional, customised web design. Website templates are ready-made site layouts that only need content and a few other additions. Individuals can take a website template and have a new site running in a small amount of time, but is that the best choice? The answer of course depends on your objectives. Below are a few of the pros and cons of website templates vs. engaging professional company to help you decide.

Cons of Website Templates

  • Identical-looking websites. Because website templates are available to anyone, there is a high probability that the website template you choose is identical to many other existing sites already on the internet. You can choose to buy the template and stop others from selecting it in the future, but that won’t eliminate those before you who already purchased and used that template.
  • Limited website customisation.  You can customise some website templates, but generally only up to a certain degree. If you need to change the settings of your template in order for it to incorporate more text or optimise your images, you probably will need additional coding skills or the assistance of a professional web design company. Otherwise the template might look stretched, not function properly, and sometimes not work at all. Many of these templates also use antiquated coding that may not even render properly on all browsers, thereby limiting the number of people who can view your site.
  • Not SEO-friendly. SEO or search engine optimisation is integral for any website to gain online traction; it allows people to reach your website and possibly buy products or services offered. Unfortunately, most website templates are not built in a SEO-friendly manner. Search engine optimisation is complex enough without adding further difficulties by using a poorly crafted template.

Pros of Web Design Templates

  • What you see it what you get. With web design templates, there’s no need to guess or imagine what your website will look like because it is right there, and all you need to do is add your brand name and information. Some templates offer options for you to change minor details like colours and shapes, but the overall look does not change.
  • Low initial expenses and quick availability. There are plenty of website templates available online, and most are free or can be purchased at an affordable price. These templates also come in a wide variety of designs.
  • Speed. Website templates need only minor tweaks and are often up and running in no time.

Cons of Professional Web Designers

  • More expensive initially. A website built by a professional web design firm is initially more expensive than using a template.
  • Development time. With more factors to consider, covering everything from the colours and layout, to streamlining navigation and aligning everything to the company’s purpose, customising a website takes more time. 
  • Unable to see the exact design. Unlike site templates, you cannot see the end result of your web design until it is under development.

Pros of Professional Web Design

  • Customised web design. With a professional and custom built site, you end up with a website that is original and unique to your brand a company will typically look at a plethora of web design components. This is crucial when branding, as it will give site visitors a unique visual to associate with your company and show them what makes your business different from all other competing brands. With a web design firm you receive not only a unique and stunning site, but often constant support as well, so you don’t have anything to worry about in the long run. This also means whatever features or updates your brand needs are easy to add implement on your site.
  • Optimisation. With customised designs and easy-to-update content, it is often simpler to employ the latest search engine optimisation techniques.
  • Expertise from web designers. Having a customised site gives you access to the skills and knowledge of professional and expert team that can assist when making important decisions regarding . Companies with multiple employees can also help provide you with quality content to keep your site updated. Furthermore, depending upon the company’s support policies, there is usually an individual you can dial directly to easily assist with answering any questions encountered along the way.

Overview of Web Design Templates

Overall, web design templates are fast, seemingly easy and cheap, but limit your ability to develop and showcase your brand, and limit the ability to update content as well. If you are on an extremely low budget or simply creating a personal blog then templates are worthy of consideration. However, if you are running an existing business or simply starting out then it is likely better to invest a little more in a website that you can rely on for the long term. Alternatively, looking at templates for inspiration, and then passing along the details to a company is sometimes a decent middle ground for those on a shoe-string budget.

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