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Our approach to website development

We believe that the outcome of a web development project is more important than the technology. Put simply, we’re here to solve problems.

What does this mean you might ask? We love technology, we love web development, we love trying new things and we love staying on top of the latest and greatest innovations and gadgets. But! We also know that what our clients really care about, what they are going to ultimately judge us on, is how successful the work we do for them is in the real world. So when it comes to web development we always place ‘effective’ before ‘cool’.

What do we have to offer for web development projects?

Great web developers

Meet Garry, he’s one of the founders of the business and he leads our web development team. He has been building amazing software for the web since 1999 and really has seen it all. As our lead programmer and mentor for the other developers, Garry ensures we are always at the top of our game.

Process driven quality control

Web development is a tricky business and it’s no secret that web companies can struggle with glitches and bugs in their software. We’ve been around long enough to have experienced a few bugs of our own and as a result we have built a dedicated software testing team who do nothing but test every new function that our development team produces.

A proven website development workflow process

Over the past 5 years we’ve developed hundreds of websites for clients of all sizes. We learnt very quickly that the key to success (and client happiness) was an effective workflow process at all stages of the website development process. This is a process we are continually improving.

Prototyping - our unique approach to information architecture

Information architecture is the process of organising the desired functionality and content for a website in as effective way as possible. It’s similar to developing architectural drawings prior to commencing a construction project. This involves us creating a fully functional, 100% working version of a website prior to starting the design and content stages of the development process. Prototyping gives our clients a unique edge when it comes to developing websites.

Web development involves research, research, and more research

As a web development and online marketing company with staff across many disciplines we are able to keep our fingers on the pulse and deliver to our clients the latest and greatest in a number of areas based on the latest industry research. We’re never content to only deliver what the client has originally enquired about. Our depth of knowledge means we bring to the table a whole new range of ideas and approaches to every project we take on.


We’re only as good as our recent web projects

We can keep telling you how good we are at web design, but we’d much prefer it if you instead had a look at our recent work.

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