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The TWS Methodology™

We are firm believers that little variation in process means little variation in outcome.

As such, we have codified our experience in running 100’s of successful lead generation campaigns into a proprietary methodology. This methodology is a proven approach to maximising the quantity and quality of website leads generated for Australian businesses. It is only available to clients of The Web Showroom.

Our perspective is that clients shouldn’t be treated as a guinea pigs, nor have their account run in an ad-hoc manner. We believe that running client campaigns through a proven methodology increases the likelihood of stellar outcomes.


The TWS Methodology™. A proven process for lead generation.

Some Of The Tools In Our Tool Kit

The methodology outlined above is deployed on the belief that every campaign should run through the same process. That said, we believe just as strongly that every campaign and every business is different. Methods that work on one campaign may not be suitable for another. This even applies to business in the same industry or vertical.

Here are a few of the core techniques and methods that we are expert in deploying. Central to success is deploying the right technique, in the right way, on the right campaign:

The Web Showroom website design

Conversion-Centred Web Design

We don’t develop pretty pictures hoping for that ‘wow’ moment when you look at your website the first time. We believe web design is a tool to generate business outcomes. An appropriate level of website design is needed to effectively communicate the right message to a target market in order to generate the necessary results.

The Web Showroom website design

Digital Strategy

When we say ‘strategy’ we don’t mean this in a vague or “agency-land” sense of the word. The resources that can be directed at your campaign are finite. Digital strategy is a plan of action that will reach your website goals using the available resources as efficiently as possible.

The Web Showroom Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Analytics & Insights

It’s vital to dig deeper than a standard Analytics installation. We set the right benchmarks in order to make decisions on what traffic sources and visitor journeys will make the largest impact on your businesses bottom line.

The Web Showroom Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

There are an array of tools on the market that allow marketers to automate tasks that at one point would have been labour intensive, or in many cases not even possible to execute. We are experienced in matching business needs with the most suitable marketing automation solution and then effectively using this technology to streamline digital channels and bring ROI.

The Web Showroom Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Email Marketing

Properly segmented, targeted and well devised email marketing still outperforms every digital marketing channel in terms of ROI. We use email to effectively recycle our clients database.

The Web Showroom Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


SEO is the cornerstone of most digital marketing campaigns. We focus on positioning our clients prominently on terms of high commercial intent and measure obsessively to ensure SEO is delivering business outcomes. We shun the side of the SEO industry that relies on smoke & mirrors, a focus on rankings (over results) and deceptive ‘guarantees’.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads


Scalable, targeted and measurable, SEM is still a great way to generate tangible digital outcomes. Our team focuses on end to end SEM management. We work to close the feedback loop so you know which clicks result in the best quality customers. Conversion rates and CPA are often misleading.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads

Training & Education

Many clients don’t just rely on us to execute campaigns. We know that an important part of our role is client empowerment. Whether its running training sessions, educating one of your teams in implementation or sharing industry knowledge, we understand empowerment is key to successful engagement.

The Web Showroom Website Development

Web & CMS Development

Ensuring that your website is built on a robust platform is vital to website lead generation. CMS development, mobile responsive, quality hosting, directory development and e-commerce platform coding are all areas where we can assist.

The Web Showroom Web Copywriting

Persona Development

It is important to remember that the seemingly anonymous visits to your website each month are actually real people each with their own problems to solve and emotional triggers. We work to understand these visitors to better create a digital experience that will lead to business outcomes.

The Web Showroom Web Copywriting


Content that works online is different to other forms of copywriting. Our focus is on correctly communicating the right message about your business that will lead to increased revenue.

The Web Showroom Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)


Getting lots of website traffic means nothing if high quality leads don’t eventuate. We increase the percentage of visitors to your website who turn into high quality customers. We don’t care about conversion rates and CPA, we care about the ultimate revenue value these visitors generate for your business.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads

User-Experience (UX)

UX is king. We can deconstruct every instance that a visitor will have on the digital journey from considering your business to becoming a client. From this we offer enhancements to increase lead quality and quantity.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads


We observe real users moving through either your current website or proposed variations of it. From this we uncover key issues with the website or changes we are proposing to make. Users selected are based on the personas included in your target market.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads

Social Media Advertising

Highly targeted ads shown to potential customers as they browse social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are proven to be effective. This provides high quality targeting than almost any other form of digital advertising.

The Web Showroom Remarketing with Google Ads


Via Google remarketing we will show ads about your business on thousands of websites around the internet. Remarketing is an incredible technique utilised to increase the likelihood that visitors to a website are compelled to return

How this would relate to your business

As we have hopefully outlined above, our TWS Methodology™ is a framework that can be applied to every business in Australia that wants to increase either the quality or quantity of leads generated from their website. In terms of which ‘tools’ would be relevant for you, this is more tricky. For some clients we deploy virtually all of the items above (and more) because they are relevant for their business, target market and budget. For some businesses it may only be a few of these tools (or ones not included above).

If you are curious about how we could help generate you more, better quality, leads, then contact us today.

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