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SEO Resources

This section of our website contains a variety of search engine optimisation (SEO) resources and tools to help companies improve their online presence. The information contained herein is ideal for decision makers and marketers looking to better understand SEO. This is also an excellent place for veterans to obtain a quick refresher and access a few leading edge tools. Those interested in how The Web Showroom can help your company obtain top rankings should visit our page on search engine optimisation that details the services we offer or give us a call.

Australia’s First Keyword Difficulty Tool for SEO

SEO Keyword Difficulty Tool There are multiple keyword difficulty tools on the web that provide an idea on the SEO competitiveness of particular phrases. However, this is the first free online tool that focuses solely on Google Australia. Since we are often recognised as the best SEO company in Australia it seemed only logical to give back to the web community by providing our loyal visitors with the first such tool in the industry. Webmasters interested in adding the tool to their websites are welcome to do so free of charge. Please contact us and we will happily provide the source code of charge to for use on your website.

Simply type in either one or two keywords into the tool below to obtain a rough estimate of how difficult it is to obtain top search rankings for particular phrases in Google Australia. The tool will spit back an estimate of the competiveness for a phrase and thus the likely degree of SEO work needed to obtain top rankings. Please keep in mind that this tool is more popular than we expected and thus you may experience server delays. Also, a quick word from our counsel: These numbers are estimates only and The Web Showroom takes no responsibility that the data provided is accurate. We suggest only using this in conjunction with other SEO efforts and as a potential indication of keyword difficulty.

The scores provided are not a substitute for other resources. The Web Showroom is  developing further tools to assist companies with search engine optimisation campaigns. To obtain a better understanding of what these numbers mean for your website please feel free to contact us at 1800 981 442 or send us your contact information using the form located on the right-hand navigation.

Search Engine Optimisation Guidance

Contained below are a few titbits of information to provide additional guidance on search engine optimisation. The Web Showroom will continuously add more information to this resources page. For example a recent addition includes a piece on the evolution of search engine optimisation. However, if there are particular SEO topics you want to know more about then please simply drop us a line.

Common SEO Mistakes

These are a few of the more common SEO mistakes made by companies along with a bit of practical advice on avoiding them.

Hiring The Best SEO Company

Guidance on finding the best SEO company for your organisation. The best company for one business is not always the same for another.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Contains an overview of basic search engine optimisation concepts that are crucial for decision makers to understand before hiring a company.

Search Engine Optimisation Hats

An overview of different techniques used by search engine optimisation companies. The different methods are referred to as 'hats' in the industry.

Sustainable SEO

Reviews intelligent practices that will deliver sustainable SEO benefits that do not simply vanish after only a few months.

A Seo Friendly Backend

Guidance on what to look for when developing or selecting an SEO friendly backend (CMS) for your company's website.

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