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Our Ads With Google Remarketing

We show display ads to previous visitors to The Web Showroom as they browse around the internet. Our ads have been shown on thousands of sites, here are just a few of the prominent ones:

New York Times  

New York Times

This client visited our homepage
and 3 days later saw us on NY Times (even though he is Australian)


Fox Sports


Fox Sports

After visiting our web design page,
this client saw us on Fox Sports
one week later. They came back
and hired us to do the job.


Ebay Homepage


Ebay Homepage

After receiving a proposal from us,
this client was blown away to see
us on ebay’s homepage


We find showing ads to previous visitors to our website is highly targeted and works far better than normal display advertising.

How we can help you with Remarketing

Depending on your website, and online objectives, there are a range of different ways that we can assist with Google Remarketing. Outlined below are just a few options. Give us a call if you want to discuss in more detail how we can help:

The Web Showroom Google Remarketing  

Show ads to visitors who have viewed any page of your website.

  The Web Showroom Google Remarketing   Target users who abandoned your shopping cart with compelling offers.
The Web Showroom Google Remarketing  

Show ads to visitors who viewed a certain page on your website, e.g. a particular product or service.

  The Web Showroom Google Remarketing   Shows particular ads to visitors that undertook a particular action on your website, e.g. filled out a form, enquired about a certain product or downloaded a document.
The Web Showroom Google Remarketing  

Show a certain ad to visitors that viewed your website but didn’t buy from you.

  The Web Showroom Google Remarketing   Target users who bought from you with up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.

Where your ads will be shown

Your ads will be shown across the Google display network. This can include prominent sites like YouTube, NY Times, The Guardian and eBay as well as 100,000’s of lesser known sites.

The best part is that ads will only be shown to users that you select, e.g. people that have visited your website, bought a product or enquired about your services. You won’t be paying to advertise to non-interested users.

Ads can continue to ‘chase’ your potential clients for up to 540 days from the day that they first visited your website.

You are now part of an experiment!

Over the following weeks we are going to show you just how good remarketing is. By visiting this page, you have triggered a series of ads that are going to compel you begin your own re-marketing campaign with us. From now on, you will be seeing these ads as your browse the internet:

The Web Showroom Google Remarketing Ads


The Web Showroom Google Remarketing Ads



The Web Showroom Google Remarketing Ads

  Once you do, we hope you are so impressed that you will call us to start your own campaign!

Developing ads that work

Our design and marketing teams are experts at conceptualising, writing and designing Google display ads that work. Well put together ads can make the difference between success or failure of a remarketing campaign. We would love to put together compelling ads for your business that reach out to your customers.

Featured Newspapers
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Remarketing can help you

We are firm believers that Google remarketing can help virtually every single Australian business. After a brief chat with one of our Online Marketing Consultants we will be able to give you our ideas on how we can help.

Call us on 1800 981 442, or complete the contact form on our contact page to get the conversation started.

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