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Why Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allows businesses to have their ads appear on the Google results page after a search is run on a keyword related to the business. The business owner only pays Google when a visitor actually clicks on the advertisement. AdWords is proven to be one of the most targeted, and cost effective marketing forms available today.

Why hire us for AdWords Management?

It can be hard to settle on a company to trust with the management of an AdWords account. Here are five fundamental things that separate us from other Pay Per Click (PPC) management companies in Australia:

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

1. Incredible people 

When we say we have some of Australia’s leading PPC minds in our team, it isn’t sales spin. Some specialists in our team have been running AdWords campaigns since just after Google gave professionals access to the platform in 2001. Over the years our team has managed $1,000,000’s of spend and seen pretty much everything!

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

2. We are ‘The Proof’ AdWords Works

We grew from a team of 3 full-timers to over 40 pretty much exclusively from AdWords and word of mouth referrals. We are the proof that we know how to grow a business via pay per click campaigns. . 

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

3. ConversionMaximiser™ 

We deploy our ConversionMaximiser™ methodology on every Google AdWords campaign we run. This sees us analysing a much wider range of metrics in order to maximise sales from AdWords than simply looking at conventional PPC data.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

4. Transparency 

Unlike many other providers we offer our clients transparency into Google's account metrics.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

5. Experience counts

You will see below that as a company we have worked with over 1,500 Australian businesses and organisations of all sizes. In engaging an industry leader to work on your campaign, you can rest assured you are backed by a dedicated team of serious professionals.

Plus... all the standard PPC stuff

In addition to the points above, here are other features of our Google AdWords Management service:

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Certified Partner

We’re accredited

We are accredited with Google as an AdWords Certified Partner.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

Great software

We use a range of software platforms to give our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

Compelling AdWords content

In running hundreds of AdWords campaigns across a huge range of verticals, we have learnt from experience (and A/B testing) the ad copy that leads to sales.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

Powerful reporting

We provide a powerful reporting platform which sits outside Google’s own framework. In addition to this reporting all of our clients have access to an Account Manager to discuss reports and on-going progress.

The Web Showroom Google AdWords Management

Google Qualified Account Managers…

In addition to our company being a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we ensure that all of our Account Managers are individually qualified with Google (or trained up quickly if they aren’t).

A word from Google...

Unfortunately there are pay-per-click agencies that run Google AdWords accounts in a manner than contravenes Google’s own guidelines. As a result Google has provided a guide for advertisers which outlines how you can find a suitable provider. We suggest you read this. It can be found here. In hiring The Web Showroom to manage your Google AdWords campaign you are hiring an industry leader that has worked with over 1,500 clients all across Australia to help them achieve online success.

Here are just a few of the clients we have worked with in the digital space:

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