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Many consider us the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company in Australia. The expertise of our team is unmatched and seen in the unbelievable results, and rankings, obtained for our clients.

Actors Centre Australia (ACA)

The Web Showroom SEO Case Study


ACA approached The Web Showroom to build their new website, and run their ongoing Online Marketing campaigns. Based in Surry Hills, Sydney, ACA is one of the preeminent Acting schools in Australia with Hugh Jackman acting as Patron.


In addition to a new website development, we identified search engine optimisation and Google local optimisation as keys to success. We wanted to increase traffic from visitors located in Sydney, or looking to study in Sydney. 


Since launching the new website, and offsite SEO campaign, there has been a steady increase in both branded, and non-branded SEO traffic. In particular, there has been a 203% increase in non-branded SEO traffic since site launch. This comes from strong rankings on keywords like ‘acting courses’ ‘acting schools in Sydney’ and ‘classes for acting’.

Technology deployed:
  • Web Design
  • CMS
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google local search
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