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Here are just a few of the e-commerce website development & design projects built by The Web Showroom. Take a look at the various shopping cart systems our team has recently developed.



Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery and Cultural Museum specialise in selling Aboriginal art, mostly from the Utopia region of Central Australia, with artworks ranging from under $100 up to blue chip investment pieces worth thousands of dollars.


Usability and design were critical in the solution of this website project. During the prototype phase, research showed that as an art gallery, the site would more successfully aid user-habits by enabling them to browse artworks, rather than performing specific search queries. By categorising artworks into browse departments – browse by price, colour, size and artist – a user is able to effectively filter the artworks when navigating the gallery.


The new site structure and design has been met with positive feedback from existing customers, and helped to better represent the work online.

Technology deployed:
  • Website Prototype
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Form Builder
  • Blog
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