// Lead // Track when a user expresses interest in your offering (ex. form submission, sign up for trial, landing on pricing page) fbq('track', 'Lead'); // CompleteRegistration // Track when a registration form is completed (ex. complete subscription, sign up for a service) fbq('track', 'CompleteRegistration');


Here are just a few of the e-commerce website development & design projects built by The Web Showroom. Take a look at the various shopping cart systems our team has recently developed.

House Of Party


House of Party offers a unique range of party supplies in Australia. For any type of party you will be inspired and find fabulous party products for your next event delivered right to your door!


We developed a beautiful e-commerce store that hosts a large amount of products that are also very easy to navigate with the usage of the mega-menu drop-down. We also implemented Email Marketing to make it easy for users to keep in the loop about all things House of Party and special offers.


The result is a fantastic looking website. Customers can easily browse and order online for store pickup or delivery to the customers door

Technology deployed:
  • Website Prototype
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Module
  • Email Marketing
  • FAQs
  • Site Search
  • Content Management System
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