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Directory Websites

Our development team is deeply experienced and possesses the knowledge required to create a directory website that functions as desired. Many of the awards we have won are the result of these prowess in building successful directories.



AFLD is an online portal that The Web Showroom was contracted to build in order to make it easier for a wide range of users to easily locate logistic solutions. More specifically, staff working as freight & logistics coordinators, fleet allocators and coordinators can quickly run an online search and potentially save hours from the process of finding an appropriate freight provider.


Mapping dozens of logistics types against thousands of locations around Australia was a complex task. Crucially, this complex task had to be translated into an easy to use tool for users. We managed to reduce the number of fields down to six, to keep things simple.


The result is an easy to use tool that has streamlined a previously complex problem. Users can pick from a logistics service, enter a temperature value (if applicable) and then check origin and destination. From this simple set of six fields a list of all matching results is shown.

Technology deployed:
  • Information Architecture
  • Directory Development
  • Form Builder
  • Content Management System
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