// Lead // Track when a user expresses interest in your offering (ex. form submission, sign up for trial, landing on pricing page) fbq('track', 'Lead'); // CompleteRegistration // Track when a registration form is completed (ex. complete subscription, sign up for a service) fbq('track', 'CompleteRegistration');

Web Design: News Module

Website design is about more than just creating a strong visual impact. A very large part of succeeding online is producing content that is of interest to your site visitors and making sure this content is updated on a regular basis. This is not just good for the people already viewing your website, it can also be a crucial part of search engine optimisation (SEO).

A great way to create regular and engaging content is to make use of our news module which encourages you to create short articles that are of interest to your website visitors.

After building our news module into your website you will be able to quickly and easily post news articles into a news section of your website. Snippets of your news items can also appear on your homepage (and other site pages) if desired. Our news feature has been custom-built to allow Australian businesses and organisations to keep their website visitors up-to-date.


  • Unlimited articles and news categories.
  • Archive feature for old articles.
  • Scheduled news feature whereby you can select a date for our system to automatically publish a news item and a second date for when the article should be removed automatically. This saves you time and provides certainty of scheduling.
  • RSS feed on articles for maximum syndication.
  • Built to integrate with Google (XML feed, meta optimisation, etc).
  • Search engine-friendly layout of articles (Page description, Page Title, Header Tags, etc.).
  • Ability to deploy automated Facebook ‘Like’ feature.
  • Rich content space for news that includes the ability to upload text, images as well as multimedia embeds such as YouTube videos.

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