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What is Google Maps Optimisation?

Google Maps Optimisation, also known as Local Search Optimisation, is the process of undertaking work to enhance the position of a business’s listing in Google maps. This means exposure in Google search results, Google maps searches and the growing mobile search space.

Why it’s important

Customers undertaking a local search are amongst the most targeted and commercially valuable of all users online. Not only are they looking for a certain product or service, but they are in, or searching within, a physical proximity. Research proves they are more likely to buy.

Google continues to place more relevance on geographic factors across key properties such as Google search, Google Maps and Google+. A local search optimisation strategy is vital for most businesses.

Google Maps Optimisation & your business

From our experience the following types of businesses stand to benefit from a local search campaign:

The Web Showroom Google Maps Optimisation

Serving a geographical area

If you service a defined geographical area your business should be optimised within Google+ and Google maps.

The Web Showroom Google Maps Optimisation

Physical store or office

If you run your business from one physical location this location should be optimised by our team to rank well on local searches.

The Web Showroom Google Maps Optimisation

Multiple stores or office

If you have multiple outlets (stores, shops, factories etc) we recommend running a local search campaign for each one.

The Web Showroom Google Maps Optimisation

If a map appears…

If a Google Map appears when keywords relating to your business are searched for, you need local search optimisation.

Are you interested in a free Google Maps audit?

If you believe that your business would benefit from a more prominent location on local search we would love to assist. We can be reached via our contact page or on 1800 981 442

Why You Need Google Maps Optimisation from The Web Showroom

Your potential customers are abandoning traditional directories like the Yellow Pages and replacing them with Google. If your business is based in a particular geographic area and you’re not appearing in Google maps then you can bet your spot has been taken by one of your competitors.

As Google Maps experts we understand the dozens of factors that Google considers when determining which businesses should appear at the top of a particular map. We can get you a better rank, faster. It’s that simple.

Our Google Maps Optimisation service is a cost, and time effective, way to market your business and drive traffic to your website in a specialised niche of traditional SEO. Best of all, once we have asked you a few simple questions we do all the work and keep you informed on a monthly basis of our progress. Contact an SEO specialist for more details.

Local and Google Places search engine optimisation is ideal for small to medium companies or enterprise clients with multiple locations. Companies with multiple storefronts often encounter difficulties ranking properly in Google places without our assistance. However, this service is often utilised as one piece of an online marketing campaign that also entails comprehensive search engine optimisation. This aims to make certain that when customers are looking for your products or services they find your website rather than competitors.

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