// Lead // Track when a user expresses interest in your offering (ex. form submission, sign up for trial, landing on pricing page) fbq('track', 'Lead'); // CompleteRegistration // Track when a registration form is completed (ex. complete subscription, sign up for a service) fbq('track', 'CompleteRegistration');

Web Design: Events Module

When we are approached to build a website for a client the first thing we try to understand is what they want their website to achieve. Generally this involves generating leads for their business, selling products online or assisting them in helping people understand what it is they do. One of the ways we help our clients achieve this is with the use of a number of modules that are built into our content management system (CMS).

The events module is a good example of one such module.

What Does Our Events Module Do?

Put simply, our events module allows our site owners to create a series of events containing basic information like date, time, title, description and related images. These events then appear on their website either as snippets than can be placed on a page, or within an events page itself. This events page shows the site visitor a series of monthly calendars with each event highlighted for easy viewing. Site visitors can click any event to view the full details of that event. As with all our modules, the events module, is custom designed to follow the best practices for search engine optimisation as outlined in Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Who Uses This Module?

The events module is often used by professional associations or other organisations or companies that run events on a regular basis. This CMS component allows for simple and easy entering of important events.For many websites the information displayed in the events module can be amongst the most important information on the website. The module is typically used by companies that hire The Web Showroom for website design Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout every region Australia.

How Can I Learn More About Showing Events on My Website?

The best way for us to understand what it is you want to achieve with your website design is for you to contact us. We're always ready to have a no obligation chat about your needs to see if there is any way we could assist you. Why not call us up at 1800 981 442 or contact us.

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