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The Backbone of an Excellent Website Design is Quality Content

quality website design contentI am certain that many stumble upon this from time to time: a seemingly regular looking website design with a pleasant enough colour scheme and layout, but limited and dreary looking images and even sadder text that provides little to none of the information sought. The automatic response for most, if not all visitors that fall into this category, is to leave the company’s website.  The Web Showroom encounters many prospective clients whom walk into the Sydney headquarters with this exact problem. This inferior content on the company’s site leaves it with a minimal chance of achieving multiple metrics of success. The following emphasises the reasons quality text is the backbone to an excellent web design.

It’s a shame when business owners invest a sizable amount into building their web presence only to receive a dismal return. To avoid such losses, quality content is a priority in website design.  Locating the most suitable agency that can assist with delivering excellent copy is crucial. Despite this site’s bias, The Web Showroom is one of the best companies that entrepreneurs encounter and later reference to colleagues upon discussing website design Sydney and associated services. Thus the company occasionally meets disappointed business owners whom turn the reigns of their lacklustre website over to our Sydney based team for assistance. Unfortunately, this typically occurs after first investing efforts with an agency that did not deliver as promised. Often with these websites, superior copy is overlooked, perhaps because the web designers placed more emphasis on a beautiful layout and not enough on delivering a message that converts prospects to clients. However, quality content is still king and the backbone of well-constructed site. Even though pictures and fancy graphics can speak a thousand words, sometimes a few well selected ones are much better.

Why does the Text of Web Design Matter?

An excellent web design is important, as it can engage visitors initially, but that’s about all it will accomplish unless there is well written text. When a site contains quality copy, users are more apt to continually return. This is a result of the fact that compelling content delivers the details visitors actually desire, is credible, shared, and consistently updated when appropriate. Engaging content is also a key factor in boosting sales. A website that displays stellar copy conveys expertise in the field and people are more likely to view the site as an authoritative resource. Thus appropriate text combined with a proper web design highlights that visitors can rely on a company for more than information, but also any needed associated products and services.

Well written text also ensures the survival and quite possibly, the popularity of a website and brand.  Search engines use advanced algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant for a particular query. Relevant content can gain not only a users’ confidence, but the trust of search engines, which can help push a website to the forefront of its industry or niche when individuals look for associated topics on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Features of Quality Website Content

Quality website content can come in various forms and portray information in numerous ways, but shares common features that indicate a site is of significance. Stellar copy eventually finds its ways to numerous media outlets including blogs, major news publications, and other websites. Amazing content generally caters to a specific audience, staying congruent with the topic, and inserts humour.

A company in the entertainment industry for example, may provide content that is more lax; and one in the legal industry is likely inclined to deliver news that with a heavier weighting on substance since this is desired by their respective audiences. Locally based companies, may cater to the pride associated with an office in a particular city. The rivalry between Melbourne, Sydney, and other Australian cities is a superb example of this.

Picture and videos information should contain utilise superb resolutions, created and edited impeccably, and as with all other content forms, provide an informative and engaging experience for a specified audience. There is no need for an excessive number of these other content types. However, a nice balance of text and graphics on a web design makes the copy more interesting and engaging. Videos in particular are often better if kept to a short duration. Visitors do not stay on any particular webpage for a lengthy period, and thus longer videos can increase the probability guests will lose interest and leave.

Developing Quality Web Content

As many readers already surmised, developing quality web content is not an easy task. The combination of patience, practice and determination are the primary ingredients needed to create engaging copy. Keeping the elements mentioned throughout this piece in mind can assist in the creation process. Remember not to place limitations on the mix of content types deployed and strategically balance videos, images, and text. Consider adding in a variety of other engaging items as well, such as infographics, charts and other exciting forms that are able to deliver messages in the most suitable manner.

When time is lacking or if professionally written copy is needed, speak to a company experienced in these aspects of website design. Many web design companies, such as The Web Showroom based in Sydney, employ experienced copywriters who can provide outstanding text, aid in creating interesting audio-visual elements, or relay messages via other mediums.

Developing high quality content takes time and effort to produce. Further time is potentially required before the copy delivers the desired outcome, but results of such efforts are likely more rewarding and longer-lasting. Hopefully, it is more apparent why stellar copy is the backbone of an excellent website design and this piece inspires the creation of new and amazing types of content that ‘wows’ visitors.

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