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So you want to build a new website? Whether you are looking to build a new website yourself, or have it built for you, The Web Showroom can help. This page provides a little bit of information about the Australian website industry and what you should be aware of. My company, The Web Showroom has been building websites for Australian based businesses for years, and I believe we are one of the best solutions for business owners who want a new website design or desire help with search engine optimisation. That said, there are thousands of website builders; small ‘one man' companies, massive companies with hundreds of staff and everything in between. Here are a few tips:

Tip 1 - Ask Questions to whoever will build your new website

Trust me, we have built hundreds of websites for business owners and dozens of sites for customers who have suffered badly with their last website builder because they didn't ask questions. You need to find out lots about a company before trusting them to build your new website. Get examples of websites they have built. Ask them about their success stories, their failures and everything in between. How many staff do they have? Will you own the website? What are the hidden costs of having your new website built.

Tip 2 - Your new website - does location matter?

In a word - no. We have built new websites for companies in every state of Australia. Sure, you need to trust your developer - but sometimes the best solution won't be in your locale. We live in the age of phone and email, you can succeed remotely. The questions your website builder provides in Tip 1 will determine your feeling for this.

Tip 3 - Build Your New Website - Does cost matter?

Of course it does. With websites quotes for a similar brief ranging from a few hundreds dollars to tens of thousands of dollars it can sometimes be hard to make sense of how website developers quote on projects. Essentially you need to compare apples with apples, and find the solution right for your website build - not the cheapest quote out there. The appropriate quote for you will balance your budget, with the business objectives you need the new website to achieve.

Tip 4 - How important is search engine optimisation?

The majority of business owners will answer this question with a resounding ‘extremely important’ type of response. Therefore, it is paramount to hire web design firm that takes search engine optimisation factors into account when developing a web presence. This holds true to individuals not even interested in SEO initially since most practices that the search engines promote are also part of proper web design. The Web Showroom does suggest investing in search engine optimisation from the onset of a project, but understands that not dependent upon cash flows and other budgetary components that this is not always practical.

Building a search engine optimisation friendly website key points

I am biased, but I believe The Web Showroom does a terrific job in building websites for all Australian based businesses. Indeed we have even done great work for international businesses. We have the experience, the portfolio of great websites and the testimonials to prove we could build your new website. You might find solutions cheaper than us - but I don't think you should build your new website without first chatting to our sales team.

Website Design Customers throughout Australia

Our head office is located in Surry Hills where our team works on projects related to website design Sydney since our office is near the CBD. However, do not let our location fool you. We serve numerous customers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide to name a few places. Basically, if you name a place in Australia there is a pretty decent chance of finding one of our customers. Perth, Gold Coast, and Canberra are other locales. The bottom line is I cannot list all the places in one paragraph. However, if you are looking for a company that focuses on Australian businesses then contact us.

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