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A proper web design can make or break a company’s online business model. Hence an appropriate site that caters to a company's target demographic is essential to a business’ success on the web. These posts aim to address a plethora of topics that are not included on our primary page that addresses web design. The content here is typically updated at more frequent intervals to provide our clients and all web surfers with the latest industry news that may impact their business’ decisions.

The homepage of this site is also an excellent place to visit to learn more about the web design services provided by The Web Showroom. This section is typically most valuable after reviewing the other two resources referenced above. Our Sydney, Australia headquartered office does its best to update this area with the most important developments and also to create other web design resources. However, as any smart company, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve this section. Please contact one of our team members if there is web topic you wish us to address or any tool you wish us to include in another area of the website.

The History of Website Design - Shown in Video by James Lawrence
in Web Design
22 May 2014  | 0 Comments

Staff meeting presentation

In today's staff meeting our Senior Designer Gavin Skeels shared a fantastic 13min video that he has developed on the history of web design.

The video looks at the development of the web over the years and how this has impacted web design. But importantly the ... Read More

TWS Wins 2013 Australian Web Awards (NSW)!!! by Katie Finnegan
in Web Design, The Web Showroom
10 Oct 2013  | 3 Comments

Last night The Web Showroom’s (TWS) Web Design Team attended the 2013 Australian Web Awards (NSW) in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The Awards feature exceptional work by Australian web designers and developers across a range of categories. Following the development of a short-list, the judges for ... Read More

2013 Design Trends by Gavin Skeels
in Web Design
10 Apr 2013  | 0 Comments

Following on from last month’s blog post about the design trends of 2012, today we pull out the crystal ball to see what trends might feature in the websites of 2013.

Large, large call to actions and buttons

Call to action buttons have a purpose – to get you to click on them. Increased... Read More

2012 Design Trends – A look in the rear view mirror by Gavin Skeels
in Web Design
19 Mar 2013  | 0 Comments

Leather sleeved jackets, printed pants and wedge sneakers. These were supposedly three fashion trends from 2012. I wouldn’t know. I had to look it up. Mercifully this is not a fashion blog post, but much in the same way that fashion trends come and go, we see the same in web design trends.

... Read More

Lead generation websites are tougher than you might think by David Lawrence
in Web Design
15 Aug 2012  | 0 Comments

We’re a pretty collaborative bunch of web designers here at The Web Showroom and many of our projects include a project team containing a web designer, an account manager, a marketing consultant (for SEO and paid online advertising) and a conversion consultant.

The role of the conversion ... Read More

Is your web design right for your business? by David Lawrence
in Web Design
15 May 2012  | 0 Comments

I often write about the small things that can be done within a website to ensure that it turns the highest number of site visitors into customers (i.e. the conversion rate). In today’s post I thought I would talk about something a lot more general. What happens if your website designer comes ... Read More

Web Design: How to Make a Great Sitemap by David Lawrence
in Web Design
1 May 2012  | 0 Comments

A sitemap has been an important part of a website for many years now. However, we still find that many clients are confused about exactly what a sitemap is and what it needs to contain to do the best possible job for your site visitors as well as the requirements of your SEO Company.

Firstly it is ... Read More

Sydney Website Design & SEO: 3 Golden Rules for Tradie and Plumber by Joshua Khoddami
in Web Design
26 Mar 2012  | 0 Comments

This morning my hot water heater burst.  As someone who works in SEO in Sydney I naturally went to my smart phone and typed in “Bondi Plumber”.  What followed next was 20 frustrating minutes trying to contact a plumber using my smartphone, which I wrongly assumed should be ... Read More

Above The Fold v Below The Fold In Website Design by James Lawrence
in Web Design
21 Feb 2012  | 3 Comments

The term ‘above the fold’ is an age old design concept and historically related to content that would appear on the upper-half of the front page of a newspaper. Newspaper editors would place compelling content (headlines, imagery etc) in this space, in order to maximise interest, and ... Read More

Web Redesign by Gavin Skeels
in Web Design
4 Jan 2012  | 0 Comments

As an agency focused on web design, a large portion of the work we do is the redesigning and redevelopment of a business' existing online web presence. There may be a number of reasons that you've arrived at to think about a website redesign, but generally they can be narrowed down to these key ... Read More

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