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Upgrades to Mission Control

by Garry Viner
in The Web Showroom
Garry Viner

At The Web Showroom we are very proud of the content management system (CMS) that we have developed over a number of years. Typically web companies give their CMS a nice pompous name, and we are no exception, with our Mission Control.

Some of the boxes that a good CMS needs to tick include:

  1. The ability for site owners to create and update the content of their website, and for allow multiple users to do this simultaneously
  2. The need to run efficiently and scale well as the number of users increases.
  3. All the features that clients require to run their businesses.  
  4. Simplicity in design and ease of use

Every aspect of our clients’ sites is controlled using Mission Control. This includes all design elements as well as user content. So we have built Mission Control to be as comprehensive a solution for our team of talented designers as it is for our site owners. Users of Mission Control will be familiar with the large number of modules we offer, but we pride ourselves on the depth of our modules as well as the breadth. Our ecommerce module, for example, has an ever-increasing number of settings and features that work in combination to handle most online shopping scenarios.

What all this means is that the developers here at The Web Showroom are never able to sit back and congratulate themselves on a job well done. For we are always looking at ways to improve Mission Control. These improvements will occasionally be moved online in an ad hoc way, but more often they are part of a development cycle of usually six to twelve weeks, as part of a planned upgrade.

As part of our general interest in successful online businesses, we are always on the lookout for features of existing websites that impress us. These might be new ways to lay out the contents of an existing function we offer, some new technology that we can harness to deliver slicker content, or indeed functions that we do not currently offer. Anything that might be of use goes into a list, which is reviewed at the start of a development cycle. This list will also include suggestions from existing clients who want to do something slightly differently. In addition, we continually monitor the performance of our sites, and so part of the cycle will involve tuning slow-running queries to deliver as good a user experience as possible.

As part of the development cycle, new features are tested, tested again, and then tested again for good luck. Once the changes are moved online, our clients are notified of all the new features they now have access to. One of the best features of a hosted CMS shared by many users is that improvements to the CMS benefit all users. So all of our clients can be sure that every few months they have access to a more comprehensive suite of tools in Mission Control than before.

As I write, we have an upgrade to Mission Control scheduled in for next Wednesday. I can promise that it will contain lots of goodies, including some more stylish ways to display directory profiles, extra controls for navigating around your shops, more flexibility in displaying product information, and a host of other benefits.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Author: Garry Viner

Garry Viner is the Director of Development and one of the founders of The Web Showroom. He has worked in IT since 1995 and has focussed on web since 1999.

At The Web Showroom he is still actively engaged in his first love, which is writing the code and creating the database objects that power virtually every web design created at TWS. When he feels like sharing, he also allows his other developers to contribute.

Garry is committed to keeping Mission Control at the forefront of hosted CMS’s in Australia, ensuring your business has the platform to reach all its online goals.

Garry Viner
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