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Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation?

by David Lawrence
in Lead Generation
David Lawrence

An interesting article was published in this weekend’s Spectrum by Richard Glover (click here for the online version). In the article Glover questions whether or not social media marketing is an effective way for means businesses to advertise in the ever expanding online arena.

The article argues that “mainstream media is still enormously strong. Reports of its death, as Mark Twain might have said, are an exaggeration.” Glover goes on to argue points such as “The podcast of our weekly comedy show, Thank God It's Friday, recently hit 5000 subscribers... yet 130,000 people listen to it on the wireless each week” and “People become enormously excited when a three-minute video gets 100,000 hits on YouTube, yet up to 2.8 million people watched the TV drama Packed to the Rafters”.

It is an interesting read and reinforces the pragmatic position that we typically take with our clients. Social media marketing can be amongst the most effective forms of online marketing if approached correctly, and critically, it will only work for the right businesses. One only needs to look at the recent success stories of companies like Australian group buying website Jump On It and Old Spice in the USA to realise the explosive potential of the medium. But that doesn’t mean it will be a worthwhile strategy for all businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation is Often Safer

Many business will prefer more time tested strategies of online marketing. Utilising search engine optimisation to boost rankings is one such example. There are many companies that create an entire business model from the organic traffic received by Google and the other major search engines. However, any business should exercise caution since algorithms are constantly changing that can impact rankings and revenues dramatically. Thus it is vital to ensure that there is a firm understanding and evolving knowledge of how search engines work. This is one reason firms consult with companies such as The Web Showroom the provides search engine optimisation along with other more time tested marketing strategies.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below:

Author: David Lawrence

David Lawrence is the Managing Director and one of the founders of The Web Showroom. He has been planning and building effective websites since 1997. During this time David has managed teams that have built literally hundreds of websites. In this time he has seen it all, from spectacular online web design successes to missed opportunities. Experience has taught him that planning and understanding where it is you are going is vital when it comes to creating a profitable web design.

David Lawrence
Comments (3)

Nice post!

Yes it does work! There are plenty of reasons that SMM is very effective for marketing your business. Hereby I am lisiting a few of them:

1. Social Media Provides Easy Access

2. Marketing in a Social World

3. Real-Time Customer Support

4. Product and Services Development

5. Watch Your Competition

SMM requires strategy to gain involvment of the target audience for a particular business. This helps in achieving goals of a business.

21 Sep 2011, Social Media Marketing

There is too much hype around social media marketing. Consumers arent dumb (most of them). Who really wants to be a friend or 'like' brands like coke, nike, Westpac etc. Some businesses (mostly online) can take advantage of SMM but most will find mass media marketing the only effective way to market.

21 Feb 2011, Alex

I read the article in the herald and think Glover is half right. Having worked in mass media for most of his working life its understandable that he was a bias. Sure tv, radio etc are still dominating, but for how much longer. Good bye borders, Angus & Robertson etc. Businesses need to evolve and take advantage of the time that users are spending online,

21 Feb 2011, Steve A
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