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SEO Friendly CMS

by David Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO
David Lawrence


This article explains why an SEO Friendly CMS (content management system) is becoming increasingly important if you want to run a successful website. Included is a list of the key features that you need to look for, in any SEO Friendly CMS that you are considering.

It is simply vital in these days of increasing competition that your website runs on an SEO friendly CMS. A CMS with SEO friendly features will empower you to control the content of your website, and do so in a way that is preferred by search engines like Google and Yahoo. The fact that you found this page so high on your favourite search engine proves that our SEO friendly CMS works, and also that interested users will find your website if you create rich content on an SEO Friendly CMS!

Here at The Web Showroom, we have built what we believe to be one of the most SEO Friendly CMS products available on the market that also allows for a custom web design. Best yet, it has been developed from the ground up to assist Australian businesses take control of their search engine rankings.

SEO Friendly Features

Here are some key features that illustrate why our CMS is so SEO Friendly:

Search Engine Friendly URL's

  • Keywords can be placed into the URL of each page on your website. An example of this on our website is the page focused on 'website design Sydney':


Header Tags

  • You can easily designate heading levels. Google pays particular attention to these. 

Individual Page Titles

  • This is likely the number one thing you can do to rank well in Google.

Internal Linking

  • Easily link your keyword rich pages to each other. Google loves this!

Meta Description and Keywords Per Page

  • You control the meta descriptions and keywords on each page. 

Search Engine Friendly Navigation

  • We don't rely on flash or 100% JavaScript navigation allowing your secondary pages to be found easily.

Alt Tags on Images

  • This allows search engines to read the images on your website.

Ongoing Audits

  • Google regularly changes the way it ranks websites. We will ensure your website remains Google friendly.

Site Map (Visitors)

  • We create a site map for humans to read which adds to the search engine friendliness of your website navigation.

Flash Minimisation

  • Our designers are skilled in using Flash. However we don't let it erode your overall search engine friendliness.

Site Map (XML)

  • All of our sites include a Google friendly XML site map. This allows Google to know when you have updated your pages and content.

Content Updates

  • Keep your content fresh and search engine friendly using our CMS.

Search Engine Submission

  • By default, your website is submitted to Google, Yahoo! and other important search engines. 

SEO Relationships

  • Our close relationship with the leading minds in the Australian search engine industry keeps us up to date. 

E-commerce Feed to Google

  • If you use our E-commerce system all of your products are automatically updated and sent to Google via an XML feed. 

Business Blogging with RSS

  • Using RSS you can syndicate your content effortlessly throughout the internet.

Do you want an SEO Friendly CMS?

If you want to have an obligation free chat about how The Web Showroom could assist you with an SEO Friendly CMS we would love to hear from you. Leave your details on this page or give us a call on 1800 981 442.


Author: David Lawrence

David Lawrence is the Managing Director and one of the founders of The Web Showroom. He has been planning and building effective websites since 1997. During this time David has managed teams that have built literally hundreds of websites. In this time he has seen it all, from spectacular online web design successes to missed opportunities. Experience has taught him that planning and understanding where it is you are going is vital when it comes to creating a profitable web design.

David Lawrence
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