// Lead // Track when a user expresses interest in your offering (ex. form submission, sign up for trial, landing on pricing page) fbq('track', 'Lead'); // CompleteRegistration // Track when a registration form is completed (ex. complete subscription, sign up for a service) fbq('track', 'CompleteRegistration');

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3 Things You Need To Know About Google's Penguin Update by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

Google Penguin 4.0

The much-awaited Google Penguin 4.0 update has finally been announced as of Friday 23 September. Outlined below are our three main takeaways for how this will impact websites in coming months:

1. Google's Penguin Algorithm is Now Real-Time

Link Spam

An example of unusual linking patterns (Source: ... Read More

3 Changes Made By Google That You Need To Know About by James Lawrence
in SEM & Conversions, Web Conversions & SEO

Over the last quarter there have been three significant changes launched by Google that will provide both opportunities and implications for website owners. This article will cover the three changes made by Google and provide a quick snapshot of what this will mean for you.

1. Google ... Read More

WEBINAR: 10 Ways To Get More From Your Business Website In 2015 by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

Embedded below is a webinar recently conducted by The Web Showroom for the NSW Business Chamber. The webinar is titled "10 Ways To Get More From Your Business Website In 2015." The goal is to give business owners at least one tangible way to generate better quality leads from their website. 

... Read More

Is your slow-loading website costing you leads? by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

We’ve probably all done it at some stage – visited a website to browse or purchase, and given up and left when it all took too long! If this type of scenario happens constantly, it could lose your business a lot of custom.

A slow website loses conversions

A recent survey of 1,400 ... Read More

Google Changes Display URLs in Algorithm by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

Google has announced it is updating display urls in the SERPS using real-world name of the site instead of the domain name, and the URL structure of the sites in a breadcrumbs-like format. This will impact first mobile but it will eventually move to desktop:


You can read more here.

Read More

Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons: Google Search Algorithm Updates 2014 in Review by Joshua Khoddami
in Web Conversions & SEO

Another year in the Google Zoo of algorithm updates has come and gone. For those of us in the world of online search, 2014 was marked by several algorithm updates that made it a year full of surprises, bewilderment, anticipation, redemption, and for the unfortunate few, penalties. It is definitely ... Read More

Google Focusing on Mobile in 2015 by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO


If your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, it may be high time to make a change.

Google has been sending a wave of notifications lately to webmasters whose websites are not mobile-friendly, and we’re not just talking about their usual targets, which are sites with mobile ... Read More

NEWSFLASH: New Google Algorithm Change (Pigeon) by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

I have put together a quick update on an important Google Algorithm change that was rolled out on July 24. At this stage the changes have impacted 1000's of websites in the Google USA index. It is likely that the change will impact Australian businesses shortly.

Here Is A Quick Summary

SEO vs. PPC: 5 Ways to Determine Which is Right for You by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO
seo vs ppc

Whether you're launching a new site or looking to generate more traffic for an existing one, you need to know how to go about getting that traffic. The two most common tactics for generating traffic are Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). PPC advertising involves ... Read More

Google has killed ‘old’ SEO by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

Since the beginning of the year we have been fielding multiple calls almost every day from businesses that once had thriving SEO rankings who have seen their rankings slowly drop (or plummet) in the past 12 months. The purpose of this article is to explain the revolution in SEO over the past year ... Read More

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