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Reasons Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook

by James Lawrence
in Lead Generation
James Lawrence

As the largest social networking site on the internet, there is no arguing that Facebook has changed the way people use the web. As the platform continues to expand rapidly, one of the areas that has seen the most growth is the performance of Facebook ads. We are finding Facebook ads to be bringing some fantastic ROI for clients when run well.

Today, countless businesses, from all different niches and industries, have seen first hand the impact that a properly managed Facebook advertising campaign can have on their company. Many of today’s most successful businesses continue to harness the power of social media advertising, thanks to the dozens of key benefits that come with Facebook ads.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons why companies today should consider establishing their own Facebook advertising campaign.

1.    Facebook Can Help Businesses Reach More Customers

Simply put, one of the biggest reasons why businesses today should advertise on Facebook, is because Facebook is the most popular social media site on the internet. In fact, it is the second most popular website in the world, trailing only to Google. With more than 1.15 billion users on the platform, businesses who advertise on Facebook can quickly access, and
market to, a massive group of potential customers. The average person is able to easily find hundreds of ‘friends’ on the social media site, but with the right social media marketing plan in place, businesses are often able to get thousands of ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ supporting their company page.

2.    The Ad Program Helps Businesses Target In On Their Key Demographic

Most companies know that finding and targeting their key demographic of consumers is one of the essential building blocks to creating a strong advertising campaign. One of the key benefits of using Facebook ads is that it allows companies to corral groups of people within a specific demographic and encourage them to like their company’s page. Over time, this group can be contacted or messaged regarding coupons, announcements or promotional events. Ultimately, Facebook ads operate to help users build lists, just like email marketing or direct mail marketing lists. However, the difference with Facebook ads is that the business has much more control over their list and who appears on it.

Defining an audience within Facebook

3.    Facebook Offers Customer Specific Advertising

Beyond advertising to a target market of consumers, Facebook offers its customers with more specific targeting and data opportunities than virtually any other marketing or advertising platform today. For example, if the owner of a local Chinese food restaurant wants to, they can send their ads only to people within a certain zip code that have ‘liked’ or searched for Chinese food restaurants in the area before. These lists can also be more specific, as users can target specific genders, age groups, those with certain interests, people that work in select companies and more. This results in an opportunity for today’s businesses to make their advertising efforts more relevant than ever.

Creating a campaign to maximise post engagement

4.    Facebook Ads Work as a Powerful ‘Word-of-Mouth’ System

For decades the ‘word of mouth’ approach to advertising has been an essential way for businesses, in virtually any

industry, to expand their reach. When companies use Facebook ads effectively, they are able to quickly benefit from a more powerful word-of-mouth effect. When on Facebook, users will see other fans of businesses or products, and see which companies their friends have ‘liked.’ Without even speaking or meaning to, fans of an organisation can spread the word about a company they have ‘liked’ in an instant.

5.    Facebook Ads Have Less Competition Than Other Leading Ad Sites

When businesses must decide between Google, pay-per-click sites or Facebook for their advertising efforts, they will find the money invested in Facebook typically goes much farther. This is because there is less competition for keywords on Facebook than on search engine advertising platforms. Many have also found their Facebook ads will have more impact because they are reaching their target consumers in a space where they tend to feel more comfortable, as most users will be more inclined to click an ad they see on Facebook over one they see on a search engine.

Process of creating a campaign


Most business owners and marketers today operate with one main goal in mind: to reach their targeted market of prospects and transform these individuals into paying customers. Facebook provides companies with the opportunity to do that, in a platform that levels the playing field between major corporations and small local businesses. With a carefully tailored approach, and a dedication to maintaining an ongoing, engaging campaign, Facebook ads can completely transform any business in today’s market and help them find the success they have been looking for.

Author: James Lawrence

James Lawrence is the Director (Sales & Marketing) of The Web Showroom, as well as one of company founders. James has worked in online marketing since 2000 and is passionate about businesses generating tangible results from their websites. His articles focus on web design, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and website conversions.

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James Lawrence
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