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Can I Trust The Website Design of Your Company?

by David Lawrence
in Conversion Centred Web Design
David Lawrence

Anyone who runs a website knows there is often a fine line between success and failure. Obviously the big ticket items of design, functionality and marketing, such as search engine optimisation plays a major role. However something often overlooked, but absolutely central to online success is trust.

Website Design Trust Questions

  • Do website visitors trust your business or organisation?
  • Do they trust your website?
  • Do they believe what you're saying about your business?
  • Do they feel confident doing whatever it is you want them to do on your website?
  • Do they trust the claims you are making about what you can do for them?

Whether you are selling products, services, generating leads or building brand awareness, none of your website design or search engine optimisation efforts will matter if you cannot quickly develop trust. Depending on your answers to the questions above, there are a number of steps you can take to establish the trust of your hard won website visitors.

Steps to Improve Trust on Your Website

  • Tell people about yourself
  • Allow visitors to create reviews and ratings of your products or listings
  • Include prominent offline contact information
  • Display your privacy policy
  • Display your shipping and returns policy
  • Feature client testimonials and case studies
  • Allow visitors to leave comments on your blog
  • Install a trust/security seal throughout your website
  • Prominently display industry accreditations
  • Include images of your physical location or key staff on your website
  • Make sure you always look professional (with your design and content)

Many of these deserve closer attention and over the coming months I will explore them more fully. Getting the trust balance right can see you enjoying a significant increase in results from search engine optimisation and a proper website design every month.

My question for you right now is... how seriously have you been taking website trust? How many more sales or leads could your website generate if your site visitors felt the same way about your business as you do?.

Post Revised: 20/06/2012

Author: David Lawrence

David Lawrence is the Managing Director and one of the founders of The Web Showroom. He has been planning and building effective websites since 1997. During this time David has managed teams that have built literally hundreds of websites. In this time he has seen it all, from spectacular online web design successes to missed opportunities. Experience has taught him that planning and understanding where it is you are going is vital when it comes to creating a profitable web design.

David Lawrence
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Hi Uri, Yep we do appear from time to time on Flying Solo. Glad that you stumbled across our article here as well. Your forum post is on a very similar topic!!

25 Jul 2011, David, The Web Showroom

Just what I've asked on Flying solo today - you're a regular sponsor no?

23 Jul 2011, Uri

The thing that I ALWAYS look for on a website is the physical address and ABN. If a business wont show an address on their site then I will not deal with them!!!!

14 Aug 2010, Webnerd

Factual, Concise, Informative, Uniquely quality stuff, Thanks.

13 Aug 2010, Elusiverick
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