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Ways The Web Showroom is Constantly Improving

by David Lawrence
in The Web Showroom
David Lawrence

As a web company we spend a lot of time exploring the best ways to help clients grow their business by getting the most out of their website. Sometimes the design of their website is the key, sometimes it is search engine optimisation, paid marketing or conversion optimisation.

I have a confession to make though. It seems that when it comes to our own website we haven't been as diligent as we should be. Working out ways to improve the performance of our website is always at the top of the agenda during our business planning sessions. However, as a fast growing company enjoying a good number of leads we often find ourselves slow to act on what we know are effective and simple ways to improve the performance of our own website.

The bottom line is that we are not as disciplined on our own website improvements as we are when working for one of our clients. I am pleased to say that this is in the process of changing and I thought sharing our approach might be of interest to you. If as a web design and online marketing company we haven't done everything we can to maximise online success, then there is chance that you haven't either!

Ways to Improve Search Optimisation and Web Design

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Part of our marketing mix has always included a good amount of Google Adwords (pay per click advertising). Internally, we've always talked about focusing more on our organic rankings (i.e. the free search results in Google) but never taken it as seriously as possible. We've now made the simple decision to become our own 'customer' and we are busily working our way towards #1 search results for a variety of high value keywords in our industry. This is already resulting in a massive increase in traffic to our website.
  2. Getting the message right
    Our website does not get the love it deserves (plumber with the leaky taps and all that). As a result it does not reflect the sort of work we spend most of our time doing. We are currently reviewing everything about our website to make sure our online pitch matches our real-world offering.
  3. Maximising Web Conversions
    A conversion is when a web visitor performs a desired action on a he site. For example, on our website, a conversion is when someone fills in one of our contact forms. We've always done a lot of work on our web design (and our clients' sites) to maximise conversions and we are continuing to review and test various parts of our website.
  4. Email Newsletter
    An effective email campaign delivers extremely effective marketing results. As a company we love our email newsletter and plan to increase its frequency from one to two emails a month.
  5. Social Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation
    Like a lot of busy companies we have been a bit too laid back when it comes to the various forms of social marketing. Our focus at the moment is on Twitter. Check out what we're saying and if you like what you read then follow us using the social media buttons throughout this website! Shortly, we will also start focusing on other forms of social marketing. Social marketing is not a fad and just as search engine optimisation is one tool in an online marketers kit, social media advertising is another.
  6. Website Blogging
    Something we know has been enormously beneficial for us is blogging. We have some amazing people in our team and letting them loose on the blog is something that will be starting from the middle of this month. This will increase the quantity of our posts significantly and allow us to blog on a wider range of topics. For the uninitiated, blogging is a great way to increase search engine results, attract new clients and keep current clients informed on all manner of topics.

What does this mean for your web design?

From experience we know that the areas we are focusing on at the moment are going to deliver tangible and long term benefits to our business. For us this means improved search engine rankings and a higher number of leads and sales.

If this is something you are also wanting from your website then I strongly recommend you sit down and work out which of these areas you can realistically work on in the short term. One thing is guaranteed - if you get any of these areas right your business will benefit. And more than likely it will benefit a lot.

If you're not in a position to tackle any of these areas in an effective way, but you think your business would benefit from it then we'd love to have a chat with you. We can discuss the sort of return on investment you are likely to get and work out an action plan that will get your business moving! To contact us simply complete one of the contact forms on our website or call us on 1300 533 445.

Revised: 14/06/2012

Author: David Lawrence

David Lawrence is the Managing Director and one of the founders of The Web Showroom. He has been planning and building effective websites since 1997. During this time David has managed teams that have built literally hundreds of websites. In this time he has seen it all, from spectacular online web design successes to missed opportunities. Experience has taught him that planning and understanding where it is you are going is vital when it comes to creating a profitable web design.

David Lawrence
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