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Sydney Website Design & SEO: 3 Golden Rules for Tradie and Plumber

by Joshua Khoddami
in Conversion Centred Web Design
Joshua Khoddami

This morning my hot water heater burst.  As someone who works in SEO in Sydney I naturally went to my smart phone and typed in “Bondi Plumber”.  What followed next was 20 frustrating minutes trying to contact a plumber using my smartphone, which I wrongly assumed should be relatively easy.

With around 880 monthly searches in Sydney alone on mobile devices for Plumbers, I assumed most websites would have simple conversion optimisation completed to allow customers to easily reach them.

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The Web Showroom SEO


1. HTML Phone Number in the Banner that actually Clicks to Call

  • My first search today brought up a website with no phone number in the banner of the website.  Its 630am and my house is turning into a poorly built indoor swimming pool, I’m not going to dig around for your Contact Us page.
  • I go to the second result, there is a phone number but it’s an image and it’s so small that I have to zoom in 6 times to make out the first digit, my plasma TV is floating past me, no time for that. 
  • I go to the third result.  There is a phone number, and it’s actually large enough to read on my iPhone!  But it’s an image which means I have to memorise 10 digits and then press home go to my phone app to make the call.  After 3 consecutive failures to do this and calling the wrong number and the fact that my living room is attracting ducks makes me ditch this option
  • I go to the fourth result.  Large phone number and it you can click on it!  I thought I had hit the jackpot of Plumber websites.  I click on the phone number and it takes me to a contact form.  I think to myself that I must have clicked on the wrong spot, so I go back and click on the button again. Once again I’m taken to a contact page where I need to fill out some form with 10 fields in it plus an annoying Captcha with garbled letters at the end.  Even if at that point my I wasn’t holding my laptop in my arms like a mother holding her child above flood water, I still wouldn’t have the energy to complete that ridiculous form.
  • My 5th attempt takes me to a simple homepage with huge click to call phone number that actually calls the company when you click on it! This lucky plumber was the recipient of a $1,500 payment when he picked up and saved my apartment.

    It’s simple. You’re a tradie, your website is not to generate email addresses, it’s not to sell products, it’s not to build your brand - it’s for getting people who need you right then to able to contact you as fast as possible.  All you need to do is make it easy for them to find you, and then make it even easier for them to call you.  After you have gone to their house/office and provided exceptional service then the customer will become loyal to you and you’ll get repeat business.

2. Tell People what you do - List your Services on the Web

  • What caught my eye on the second website I went to (even though I couldn’t call them) was they stated in bold - HOT WATER REPAIRS.  Well, that’s exactly what I need so this is the guy for me.  Keep in mind that the majority of the public is proud to know the difference between a Philips head and flat head screw head – so we’re not the best at knowing exactly what tradie does what job.  If I want my new dishwasher installed do I need a plumber or an electrician or can either do it?  Make your major service areas clear to see on your homepage so the layman knows you’re the right man/woman for the job.

3. Do you serve my Area? List your Suburbs

  • The only other criteria I was looking for when scanning websites was, do they service my area? This is particularly important for emergency jobs as the person searching wants someone immediately.  By the way there are 3,600 monthly searches in Australia for “emergency plumber” – so there are a lot of people looking for emergency service.  Now this can be difficult as there are a lot of suburbs in every major city in Australia. (if you’re bored http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sydney_suburbs or  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Melbourne_suburbs)  So what you should do is list the major suburbs that you serve or the ones that have the most demand.  Just go to the AdWords tool and list the suburbs to see what people search for.

With these three simple rules you can make it easy for your future customers to quickly see that you are the right person for the job and then quickly call you to get you to solve their problem! Now if you will excuse me I have to relocate some ducks.

Revised: 08/06/2012

Author: Joshua Khoddami

Josh Khoddami is the Online Marketing Manager at The Web Showroom. He is originally from Canada having migrated to Australia in 2008.

At The Web Showroom, he and his team are actively engaged in empowering The Web Showroom’s web design customers as well as external customers achieve their online goals through Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Conversion Optimisation.

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Joshua Khoddami
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