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The Rise of In-App Mobile Marketing by James Lawrence
in Website Advice

Many digital marketers have been quietly reticent about investing their budgets into mobile. There has been a perception that in-app ads are less effective than they could be. But things are changing – including user behavior and media consumption habits.

Smartphone usage habits changing

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What is Native Advertising, and Does it Work? by James Lawrence
in SEM & Conversions

With constant changes in the digital marketing world, you could be forgiven for thinking that ‘native advertising’ is just the latest online marketing buzzword. In fact, native advertising can actually be an excellent way of using content ‘ads’ to build trust and engagement ... Read More

Is your slow-loading website costing you leads? by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

We’ve probably all done it at some stage – visited a website to browse or purchase, and given up and left when it all took too long! If this type of scenario happens constantly, it could lose your business a lot of custom.

A slow website loses conversions

A recent survey of 1,400 ... Read More

Google Changes Display URLs in Algorithm by James Lawrence
in Web Conversions & SEO

Google has announced it is updating display urls in the SERPS using real-world name of the site instead of the domain name, and the URL structure of the sites in a breadcrumbs-like format. This will impact first mobile but it will eventually move to desktop:


You can read more here.

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Three Free Google Analytics Dashboards by James Lawrence
in Lead Generation

When it comes to measuring and tracking traffic, user behaviour and the performance of your search engine optimisation efforts, you may already be familiar with using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular free analytics tools out there, and it provides a wide range of metrics... Read More

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