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Three Free Google Analytics Dashboards by James Lawrence
in Online Marketing
13 Feb 2015  | 0 Comments

When it comes to measuring and tracking traffic, user behaviour and the performance of your search engine optimisation efforts, you may already be familiar with using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular free analytics tools out there, and it provides a wide range of metrics... Read More

The Content Marketing Mix: An Underrated Tool by James Lawrence
in Online Marketing
6 Feb 2015  | 0 Comments

If you’re like many business owners, you probably realise that content marketing is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, yet you might be unsure how to leverage your content to its greatest advantage. Or not sure what kind of content you should be creating. Or even which ... Read More

The (Re)growth of Yahoo! Search by James Lawrence
in Online Marketing
5 Feb 2015  | 0 Comments

Last month we reported that Yahoo had just been chosen as the default search engine for Firefox 34 and is set to see some major growth. This month it looks like it’s happening already. According to the latest data released by website analytics firm StatCounter, Yahoo has just achieved its ... Read More

Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons: Google Search Algorithm Updates 2014 in Review by Joshua Khoddami
in Search Engine Optimisation
4 Feb 2015  | 0 Comments

Another year in the Google Zoo of algorithm updates has come and gone. For those of us in the world of online search, 2014 was marked by several algorithm updates that made it a year full of surprises, bewilderment, anticipation, redemption, and for the unfortunate few, penalties. It is definitely ... Read More

Google Focusing on Mobile in 2015 by James Lawrence
in Search Engine Optimisation
3 Feb 2015  | 0 Comments


If your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, it may be high time to make a change.

Google has been sending a wave of notifications lately to webmasters whose websites are not mobile-friendly, and we’re not just talking about their usual targets, which are sites with mobile ... Read More

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