We are website design, online marketing & search engine optimisation experts.

That have assisted well over 1,500 Australian businesses to get the most out of their websites. From e-commerce stores, directory websites, highly effective CMS powered sites, SEO campaigns, Google AdWords campaigns, social media and brochureware design, we have pretty much done it all.

On this page you'll learn about our journey so far and what makes us tick. Hopefully you'll feel the passion we have for all things web.


Our Leadership Team 

The Web Showroom’s Founders

David Lawrence

Garry Viner

James Lawrence



The Web Showroom’s Management Team

Hannah Mason
Chief Operating Officer

Josh Khoddami
General Manager (OM)

Sharon Clennar
Group Financial Accountant

Pamela Luna

Katie Tellett
Client Services Manager
Digital Marketing

Paul Martusewicz
Web Operations Manager

Reheen Guin
Digital Marketing Product Manager

Michael Lambino
Development Manager

Timeline of The Web Showroom


Our founders commence work on rolling out The Web Showroom for Australian SME’s. Average sleep time for each of us drops below 6 hours a night. Twitter is created (but not by us).


The Web Showroom is launched offering web design and CMS services through a team of four people. Any first year nerves are quickly put to rest as we get off to a flying start!


Our team grows to over ten people. We move to a brand new (and larger) office next door to our original office in Surry Hills. Oh yeah, and happy 10th birthday to Google!


Our client list grows, as does the demand for improved search engine results.  Accordingly, we launch our online marketing division offering SEO and PPC services to new and existing clients.


The Web Showroom celebrates its 1,000th client. Our tech team expands. The team celebrates Xmas on a client’s luxury yacht!


We almost lose 4 of the team getting our new foosball table up the stairs. Productivity dies, but foosball prowess soars. Despite this, we place in the Smart Company Smart50 awards.


Our head count passes 40, we take over the floor above us and land our 1,500th client. We also win a place in the BRW Fast Starters list. Bronte (the office dog) becomes a permanent member of staff.


World domination is complete. Or at least that’s what the business plan says. Check back from time to time and we’ll keep you updated with how we progress!

Values @ The Web Showroom

Outlined below are values that we hold dear. These values were developed 100% internally and guide the way we treat each other and the way we work with our clients.


We value fairness, respect, and honesty. Whether you’re the newest member of our team, one of our founders, or our most important client, we know these are crucial ingredients in doing a great job and enjoying ourselves along the way.

We’re not the sort of company who hires ‘cool’ people just to look the part. Equally, we don’t jump on the bandwagon of the latest technology for the sake of it. What rocks our world are great people, proven technologies and generating effective change for our clients.

Gone are the days when a single person holds all the answers. As a company we actively promote collaboration and team work. Not just in the work we do, but also in creating an environment that team members and clients love being part of.

We get a buzz out of seeing our team members grow their skills and experience. We're committed to helping grow the businesses of our clients. Finally, we're always looking for new and exciting ways to grow the products and services we offer. Treading water is boring!

Our number one resource is our people. Everything else is just carefully arranged one's and zero's. The best people, the one's we love being surrounded by, are the self-starters who take ownership of their work and the challenges the digital world throws at them.

What we do is challenging. It requires dedication, creativity and constant evolution. Loving what you do makes life easier and a lot more rewarding. It's also infectious and has a funny knack of making things a success.

See us in action

Giving Back to Our Community

Through the years, we’ve been incredibly blessed to have grown and gained as much as we have, and we’re strong believers in sharing what we have with others. To this end, we decided to give back to local and even international communities through a range of social initiatives. At present, we support a number of different charities and organisations based locally and abroad through annual community based activities, monthly and ad hoc donations and relief aid. These institutions include:

  • SOS Children’s Villages International
  • Red Cross
  • Medécins Sans Frontières
  • The Redfern Foundation
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute
  • The Smith Family

If you’d like to know more about the community based charity work we do and the different organisations we support, please visit www.thewebshowroom.org.


Web & Online Marketing Experience

Two of The Web Showroom’s founders opened a boutique web application development company in 1999. This company specialised in highly custom online application development.  The expertise learnt in successfully delivering upon these complex systems was leveraged to develop a process for delivering high quality business websites. The Web Showroom was spun off from this business in 2007. As you can see above, since this time we have grown from a team of four to over 40 and have successfully built over 1,000 websites for businesses and organisations across Australia. We are still proudly 100% Australian owned and the people who own the company work in it every day! Additionally, The Web Showroom is dedicated to developing tools that assist the entire web community that are included on our web design resources area and search engine optimisation tools section.

Sydney Location

Sydney Location

Our office is conveniently located 300m from Central Station in Surry Hills, Sydney. We would be more than happy to meet you in person. Don’t worry if you're located outside of Sydney, more than half of our existing clients are as well! The nature of our work allows you to be located anywhere in the world and still have us deliver a profitable online marketing campaign or fantastic website for your company. Learn more about website design in Sydney.

We'd love to hear from you

If you’re ready to discuss your website requirements then we’d love to hear from you. We can be reached via our contact page or on:

1800 981 442

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